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My stage name, Al-'Anqa (Al ENG Kah), is Arabic for "The Phoenix". I specialize in primarily Egyptian Oriental Dance or "Raqs Sharqi" and Egyptian Folkloric dance styles. Raqs Sharqi literally means "dance of the east" and is the popular term used for classical belly dance.


A student of dance my entire life, I have studied, performed, and choreographed jazz, tap, and modern before finding and falling in love with the movements of Raqs Sharqi in 2007. I dance with cane, veil, sword, zills (finger cymbals), basket, and Shamadan (candelabra).

I'm also an adjunct dance instructor at Davis and Elkins College and am currently working toward my 200 hour yoga teacher training through Main Street Yoga in Fairmont, WV.


My goal is to share my interpretation of this ever-evolving dance form and to promote respect for the arabic cultures where it originates. If you're interested in the dance, I challenge you to learn about its cultural roots and the many varied styles that have developed as this dance form has spread across the world.

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